About Skillsfind

Skillsfind For You

Skillsfind is a cost-effective, time effective method of:

    Finding employment and contract opportunities and
    Finding suitable employees and contractors.

You can help make Skillsfind work for YOU!

Skillsfind will be more effective for all members by having a large membership base. A larger data base means the site will be more useful for employers which means You are more likely to be found. So, to make Skillsfind work for you as an employer OR employee, tell all your friends and professional contacts about the site and encourage them to use it!

About Skillsfind

Skillsfind is a place where the job comes to YOU!

Skillsfind is a cheap alternative to employing people because it saves on the cost of advertising and vetting large numbers of applications.

Skillsfind has been designed to match you and your skills with potential employers or contractors. With two groups in mind:

    Skilled people and
    Those who need Skilled people.

Skillsfind gives control back to YOU. Employers know in advance whether they want to know more about someone.

Skillsfind is a database where people with Skills can register themselves. It is also a database that can be searched by those needing skilled people.

Registration as a SKILLED PERSON/RESOURCE is free. Currently, searching is also free!

About the HIT

This Holistic Intelligence Test (HiT) has been designed as an evaluative tool to help you determine if candidates are suitable for your needs based on Holistic Intelligences rather than qualifications and/or experience alone. The HiT can be useful because it can be used prior to any formal interview or analysis of a person’s work experience as recorded in a CV or resume.

Using the HiT can save time for both candidates and employers because it considers the personal attributes and traits that are required for a role.

The HiT has been developed by an internationally published PhD graduate who is also a consultant and experienced manager who has run large teams responsible for millions of dollars of work. As such, it is based on extensive research and practical experience over many years.

Please note that the HiT is a guide only and should be supplemented by professional advice or psychometric test instrument.

The designers of the HiT, and Skillsfind, are not accountable for its usage and make no claims as to its effectiveness at this time. It is however consistent with research in the field.

If you wish to take the HiT register here.